On October 15th, 1987, the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association, Inc . was formed. Five prominent Maryland firearms dealers met and decided that an organization was needed to properly represent the interests of firearms retailers and their customers in the state of Maryland. BobPeltzer of Peltzer’s Sporting Goods in Baltimore was elected the first president of the association. Others who were instrumental in the associations founding were: George Mathias of Camfour, Inc. Robert Aycoth, Melvin Abrams and Steve Schneider of Atlantic Guns,(the current MLFDA president). Since its founding, the MLFDA, Inc. has been tasked with the following mission:

  1. To promote the common business interests of those person, firms and corporations selling and/or promoting firearms and related products and gunsmithing in the State of Maryland.
  2. To be active in directing programs designed to improve the business conditions of licensed firearms dealers.
  3. To study and improve the system of controls of firearms and related products in the State of Maryland
  4. To inform the legislature, judiciary and the general public of the need of changes and improvements in the laws of the State of Maryland as they pertain to the ownership, use, registration control, handling and sales of firearms and related products.
  5. To engage in such other activities as may be allowed under General Corporate Laws of the State of Maryland and are consistent with the allowed activities under Section 502 © (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.