Throughout its existence, the MLFDA has been in the forefront of the battle to protect the Second Amendment rights of all Marylanders. Working closely with the NRA, Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore and other Maryland pro-gun organizations; the association has worked tirelessly for more than a quarter of a century. We have succeeded more often than we have failed. Yes, new gun laws have been passed during the existence of the association; but not without a good fight. We have been able to accomplish a significant level of success even with an anti-gun legislature. When new gun laws have been passed, the association managed to make them less restrictive through COMAR procedures. Below is a listing of some of the associations accomplishments:

  • Handgun Roster Board: The association has been extremely active from the Boards’ beginning. We have petitioned almost 3,000 models of handguns for inclusion in the roster of approved guns. Currently, there are less than three dozen handgun models that have been banned from sale. MLFDA continues to submit petitions and monitor the activities of the Handgun Roster Board to this day and publishes the list of approved handguns in its newsletter after each meeting. We will list all approved handguns on this website immediately after the board meets.
  • Mandatory Safety Training: The Firearms Safety Act of 2000, required safety training before the purchase of a new handgun. The MLFDA received approval from the Maryland Police and Training Commission for our 15 minute safety training video. In addition,This video was shown at dealer’s stores as well as gun shows. This easily accessible training made a possibly difficult situation simple.
  • Collector’s exemption: When the legislature passed its “one gun a month” law; the association convinced Maryland State Police that a “collector’s exemption” (provided under law) could be as simple as the collector mailing a request to the MSP with a declaration of their collecting activities.
  • Copies of “assault weapons”: As a result of a request by the association, Maryland State Police agreed that; (1): .22 caliber rifles were NOT assault weapons and (2): “copies” of regulated assault weapons must have completely interchangeable parts to be considered “copies”.
  • Lobbying State & Local Legislatures: Since 1987, the association has been lobbying the Maryland legislature, both for pro-gun laws and against anti-gun laws. Board members volunteered their time to travel to Annapolis to testify in front on the various legislative committees. The hearings were grueling events; sometimes lasting for 12 hours or more. In 2010, the MLFDA retained the services of Frank D. Boston, III, a prominent attorney and lobbyist to represent the association and firearms dealers before the legislature. Frank has been able to gain access to legislators on our behalf. We have been given the ability to express our concerns and beliefs on many pending bills. Frank is the reason that many anti-gun bills never reached the floor for a vote. He even managed to add friendly amendments to bills to make them less restrictive.  MLFDA board members continue to testify on bills during the legislative session in Annapolis
  • Donations: The association, during its 27th year in existence has donated to worthy organizations and events. These include NRA-ILA, Associated Gun Clubs, Hap Baker Firearms Range in Westminster, Law Enforcement for the Preservation of the Second Amendment and other groups.
  • State Lawsuit: Last summer, the MLFDA filed a lawsuit against the Maryland State Police for discouraging dealers who released handguns sold after the seventh day. Although the law allowed for such transfers; several dealers were warned not to do so. As a result of the suit, the state agreed with our position and stated that no dealer would be punished for following the law by releasing handguns after the 7 th. day.
  • LiveScan: The MLFDA has partnered with Pinkerton to provide LiveScan fingerprinting services at Maryland gun shows. Gun owners are now able to obtain their fingerprints as a necessary step in obtaining the newly required Handgun Qualification License, (HQL) easily at local gun shows.
  • IMSD: The MLFDA has successfully petitioned the Handgun Roster Board to approve many “Integrated Mechanical Safety Devices”, (IMSD), both factory installed as well as aftermarket units. The aftermarket locks allow dealers to install the device at the point of sale, thereby increasing the number of handgun models available for sale in Maryland.